Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i was productive today

I helped my dad deliver a mailing today, which can be counted as a workout. I also made a new bracelet, as the one I have doesn't fit my fat wrists anymore. No, I really don't care that my wrists are fat. It could be just that the old one is 4 years old, and I naturally grew. With the rest of my fatness, I could not give one fraction of a shit about my wrists. thats like asking "do my toes look fat?" dammit - it's not your toes, it's your whole fucking foot. looks like you got a baby tryin to get outta there.

So, the bracelet was cool - check here. Tomorrow I need to start cleaning the room and organizing things, so that when the new year begins, I will be ready. I give myself 80/20 odds I won't do it. well, by now I have nothing more to say.

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