Thursday, December 31, 2009

slept a little bit, and am now awake to face the day.....or si it seems

Good morning campers, it's before 8am, and I am awake, with no reason to be. I went to sleep early last night, and then woke up at 330am, and then again at 7am, and have stayed awake. I ate a small meal, and am now thinking about finishing cleaning this room of mine. I am a little tired still, but I'm trying to stop the habit of eating and going back to sleep.
Today is the last day of 09, with everyone making a big deal about the decade and such. So, I'll take a moment to look bat at the last ten years for me. 10 years starting at 99, not 2000.

1999 - graduated high school; started college
2000 - got good grades one semester, 3.45; went to israel
2001 - had a couple of good jobs; 9/11; dropped out of Tulane; enlisted in the Marines
2002 - boot camp, combat training, aav school
2003 - invaded another country
2004 - part-time active duty; finished a semester at LSU
2005 - iraq, part 2; got fucked in the head - PTSD, MDD, PAD, TBI
2006 - had a business that was a casualty of economy and poor management by me; got treated for PTSD
2007 - tried college again, dropped out; went to israel again
2008 - tried college again, dropped out; went to israel again
2009 - not much that i did this year.

oh yeah - from 2006 to 2009, gained a hundred frickin pounds. And that was the decade in review.

look for new resolutions later today, more realistic and timely ones.

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