Tuesday, January 26, 2010

another successful weigh-in to get my spirits up

Well, after 4 weeks of the weight watchers, and three and a half weeks of power 90, the results are pleasing, and promising. I have attained my initial goal of 5% of my body weight, or 14 pounds. I have lost over the 4 weeks: an inch and a half from my thighs, gut and waist; half an inch from my calves and neck; and gained 2 inches on my chest.

I walked at the VA today, which I will do again Thursday and Sunday, and add that to my power 90 workouts. It's pretty gratifying to see people I know and have them compliment me on losing weight. I'm really pleased about that. I'm also pleased because even though I am slugging through it on some days, I am still getting it done. And that's a pretty awesome accomplishment. I wasn't able to apply myself to anything for a long time, and now that I am applying myself AND succeeding, I'm pretty freakin happy bout it. Gonna hydrate some more than do tonights workout.

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