Wednesday, January 13, 2010

body starting to say ouch.

Well, did my walking at the VA again, went well. I'm trying to nail down my target heart rate, and I'm having a bit of difficulty. I have this Sportline heart-rate monitor, and it has a % next to the heart rate, and I'm kinda unsure of wtf that is for. Because, looking online and doing the heart-rate calculators, the percentages my Sportline gives me are not near correct. But on the other hand, if we say that the rate is correct, and just use the calculated percentage, it seems that I would damn near die at that heart rate. Which may be correct, because, c'mon, I am a fat guy, or something's amiss. Oh well, I'll do more research tomorrow. As for tonight, after not stretching or cooling down long enough at the VA, then sitting in my car for about 45 minutes in traffic, my lower body is not pleased with trying a cardio routine. I went ten minutes before all systems said "fuck you dan, we're telling you to stop, here's the pain..." So, I decided that with the two-a-day routine I've been on, maybe I am taking it a little more than I should be right away. Tonight I will stretch for a good bit, and then a nice hot shower, and then off to sleep.

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