Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here we are at day Thirty. I'm ready to say I'm doing fantastic.

It's been thirty days, one month. I took the 30-day picture, and I am disappointed in the difference. I can feel it, I can see it in the mirror, but putting the day 1 and day 30 pics side by side, there isn't much of a difference. Oh well. Kind of anticlimactic, but whatever. Here's a recap of the first thirty days: I lost fourteen pounds. I have made a significant difference in the foods that I eat on a daily basis. I feel and look healthier. I am more flexible and move around easier. I have a little more self-confidence. Out of thirty days, four were scheduled rest days. That means a total of 26 days were workout days. I actually worked out on 19 days. That's a 73% success rate on working out. For the food plan, it's 33 days, cause I started before the 1st. So here's the lowdown on that: 15 days I ate according to plan. That's less than 50%, so not so good there. However, each of the first four weeks, I ended the week wth a surplus of weekly allowance points, or activity points, so that's pretty damn good. All in all, I'm learning and adapting and haven't quit. Now's the time to address the shortcomings from the first thirty days and set some new goals for the next thirty days. First, we need to curtail the late-night eating. Lots of the days that I was over the plan, came from eating late at night. Second, gotta get back to a good regimented daily schedule. This will help the sleep cycle, and in turn the eating cycle. Third, I'm modifying the weekly schedule of the workout routine, to sync up with the food plan week. So, Mondays will be the rest day, making Tuesday the first day of the week, same as the weigh-in day. Hopefully, that alleviates the post-rest day fatigue. Many of the days I did not work out were the day or two after the rest day. So adding the weigh-in as some motivation, hopefully will allow me to continue without losing a workout day. Also, in these thirty days, the next phase of my workout routine begins, so I want to keep momentum going and not putter out at that point. And overall, want to continue the momentum of losing weight each week. Still in the same goal mindset of the second 5%, which you can follow the progress at the left hand box. Thats it for now.

Fat Guy, signing off.

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