Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I said I'd do it, I'm gonna damned do it...

And here it is: Today's food log.

Breakfast: 1 Thomas' Mini 100 Calorie Bagel, Laughing cow cheese, and 2% milk
Lunch: Smart Ones Steak and Ranch Flatbread, Fruit Punch and Hidden Valley Fat Free Ranch
Dinner: Smart Ones Pepperoni Pizza, Peach Tea and FF Ranch
Anytime: 2% Chocolate milk

Drank many many cups of water today. Plus my multivitamin. So that's all in all a good day. And I still have more than a third of a day's points left, so I may end up having a snack. Anyway, that's it from here.

Edit to add: 1 skinny cow ice cream bar, 2 and a half thomas' mini bagels with laughing cow cheese. final tally, under the daily mark by 2.5 points

This is Fat Guy, signing off.

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