Thursday, January 28, 2010

Midday Update, starring the Fat Guy

Heyyo, Fat Guy here. Let's take a look at our top stories this hour:
On Food Log, We've had the same thing for breakfast twice in a row. It's great, it's filling, and it's only 7 points. Yes, we're talking about a stuffed breakfast sandwich, mini bagel, red antioxidant peach tea and some cow that was having way too good of a time laughing. For lunch, Beef pot roast and the tea, which is only 3 points. So, that's going pretty well.
Exercise: Today is a rest day, so no exercise is planned. Tomorrow, normal exercise service returns.
Productivity: I went through more paperwork, and called people I've been needing to call for a while. So, I was mildly productive.

Forecast for the rest of the day: relax, hydrate and catch up on the stuff that's filling my DVR.

That's all from here, back to you in the studio. This is Fat Guy, signing off.

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