Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sweatin my arse off and loving it

i just added a small amount of weight for the workout, and it's definitely putting me through the moves with more exertion. Pleased about the progress of today. Three consecutive weeks of losing weight is a real good feeling. It's nice to see the results of my labor. Still motivated, want to make three weeks into four.

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Rachel Amster said...

Hey Dan! I just wanted to tell you I am very proud of you I know I don't say it enough but I am you. I admire your strength and will power. And seeing what you have been doing and the progress you have made,has made me start to try to eat healthier, especailly with my recent health scare. You have made me want to stive to be more than I am, and to take better care of myself. And now that I will be working less, I would also like to work out again. I have a goal set to be in a bikini for when I leave for Aruba on 3-5-10 and be comfortable to show people I am wearing one. Maybe you can help me. Maybe we can do this together?
I love you Brother you mean the world to me and I look up to you. Thanks for being my big brother... Goodnight Sleep well.

Love Rachel