Sunday, January 10, 2010

very productive today

actually, the last couple of days have been pretty productive. I have sorted through years of mail. My previous "important papers/mail to save" procedure involved keeping all statements from all bank, credit card, etc. accounts, opened or not, in a container. plus mail from specific places, and during specific times that i was unable to receive mail. Plus, mixed in with important paperwork is mixed nostalgia/sentimental stuff. So, it began to pile up, and I had many file folders and containers and the like around, taking up space. I figured, if it was really important, I probably would have referenced it in the last say 5 years. But, no. So, I waded through it, and decided what was to be kept - ie. important papers, nostalgic papers, etc. and what was to be discarded - either by garbage or by shredder. And boy was there a lot to shred. I'm almost done. Just another small file container. And I think I will be proactive and decide some sort of filing system for the future, rather than just accumulate all of this shit again. Also, did more laundry, and sorted what fit me now, and what was too small (in other words, stuff I was too fat for), keeping the stuff that didn't fit, so I can wear it soon.

On the exercise front, I did cardio in the morning, and am on schedule for another workout in about a half hour, which will make up for not working out on friday. I might even shave my face tonite.

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