Friday, February 19, 2010

90 days no tobacco.

Phew, it doesn't even phase me anymore. I quit tobacco, and the only way I knew today was 90 days is that little timer under the logo. Well, that timer is going to go soon. I figure, I haven't thought about dipping or had any cravings in a long long time, so I'm over it. I'm quite pleased.

In other news, definitely went over my daily points allotment for two days in a row. Also, looked at my history through the past three weeks, and there are too many days where I don't know what I ate. Last week was understood, I was in CT. but there is a day here and there that I have no data from, so I'm not pleased with that. Gotta get beck to basics, and make sure I follow the plan. Also, ate a lot today, and so have little points remaining for the rest of the day. this is the third day in a row that has happened, and also, slept all day again. Not good, grasshopper. Gotta get back on that horse. All this shows is that I am not perfect, which I never really thought I was. But it does illustrate that I am once again getting complacent. I will not continue to lose weight or get in shape if I fail to follow the plan. The plan works. Now I have to work it.

As for today, I had two bagels with skinny cow cheese and two glasses of chocolate 2% milk for breakfast. There goes 13.5 points. For lunch (really not all that long afterward) I had two "pizzas" made from dinner rolls. There's another 21 points. So now, I've got 2.5 points left for today, and down to only 6 remaining for the weekly allowance. Damn, that's just not good. Also, have no money right now for more health-conscious food, so I am pretty much fucked I'd say. I've gotten away from the mental willpower aspect of eating smaller portions. I've gotten away from eating healthy snacks like carrots or other fruits and veggies that have no points. I have had soda recently, which is 3 points per can, instead of water. So, yeah, I'm reverting back to form. Fortunately, it hasn't hurt me yet, but if I don't take care to correct these incidents, I sure am going to stop losing weight and start gaining it again. Aargh. Not fracking happy.


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