Tuesday, February 16, 2010

another day, another week gone by.

Today is the end of week 7, tomorrow begins week 8. I have an 11am appointment at the VA, so weigh in should be after that. I'm actually not sure how it's gonna go. Last week I predicted I was gonna not lose any or maybe gain a pound, but I ended up losing two. This week, two days I was completely off the diet plan, but I worked out five days, so it's anyone's guess. I tell ya what though, Billy Blanks is one nasty mother with his Tae Bo cardio. Damn is that stuff gonna take some getting used to. But, it does get me exactly where my heart rate needs to be. This damn heart rate watch is so cool. Also, did some more strength exercises, just to add to today's workout. So for an "off" day, today was pretty damned good.
I have lots of phone calls to make tomorrow, so after the VA, I will be quite busy, hopefully. Also, I cut my hair, all motivated and such, shaved as well. I'm so fresh so clean.

Time for that sleep thing. FGSO

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