Thursday, February 25, 2010

because i run this show

I watched the women's hockey gold medal game just now and got to thinking. It must be great to represent your country in the most televised and respected stage of sports. And then the thought went to, it must be nice to be picked to represent your country, even on a smaller stage. That turned into "Well, I did represent my country." Granted, the stage was not exactly televised, and it certainly wasn't sport. Also, there were a lot fewer people cheering us on and jumping up and down and focused on what we did. Don't get me wrong, family and friends were a huge help to me, but I'm thinking of the thrall that the nation is held in, whilst watching these olympics. I represented my country in combat, in furthering the interests and defense of its citizens. There were no commercial breaks. there was no medal ceremony. There was no great fanfare. For us, winning meant we came home. I won, because I brought my Marines home, and I came home. There was no "Miracle." And we certainly don't have any publicity anymore. We have no sponsorship contracts. Our signatures are not sought after. I do not mean to take anything away from the olympics nor the olympians. These were the thoughts in my head. And I think that others might do well to ponder them as well. Perhaps a simple thought may make someone go up and thank a veteran, or an active or reserve soldier or Marine. Because, while we watch the olympics every two years, and become fiercely patriotic about the downhill skiers or the men's basketball team, we should also realize that the uniform put on to represent this country isn't always worn for sporting events.

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