Monday, February 15, 2010

End of the weekend, but wait, tomorrow is a holiday!

Tomorrow we honor the presidents of this great nation. Well, really Washington and Lincoln. So tomorrow is a holiday. I have to goto the VA for some medications, so I hope that someone is kind enough to be working there. As for me, I finished tonight's workout, which instead of the normal cardio, I did the strength workout, and then I did 20 minutes of a Tae Bo workout, which was crazy tough. Definitely hit the target heart rate and higher quickly. So that's a nice new addition, because I can say that the cardio was never my favorite, and had gotten quite stale. I also have some Tai Chi that I want to start, plus some yoga to add to the regimen. All in all, I definitely over-ate today, with being out of simple low-points options, and also low on funds, I am going to shop tomorrow for some food for the week. Only wish I had some cash. Oh well.
My Valentine's Day was great, I spent time with myself. We had fun.

This is the Fat Guy, Signing Off.

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