Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good afternoon, my name is productive.

Well, I'm still having sleep issues, but I am feeling better and more positive, so I'm continuing to climb up on out of this damned hole. Took my bi-weekly measurements, and am continuing to see the physical changes that come with losing 17 pounds. I'm encouraged. I've started to straighten up round here, I had let two loads of laundry pile up, which is out of the ordinary now. So one's in the wash, and the other is ready to go. I made a few phone calls, I have some things I need to get done: One of them is getting the damned VA to pay me for my last semester of college, which was waaaay back in 2008. I also need to assemble paperwork for my insurance company and call other contacts. I'm getting better, but I have usually had a habit of procrastinating so long, and by the time I try to address an issue, it has blown way out of proportion. I'm trying to fix that, and it's not so bad right now.

Overall, I have accomplished many things so far this year, with regards to resolutions, and life-changes to improve my day-to-day living. I have made a habit of keeping a cleaner living area and environment; I am on top of correspondence when it comes in; I have opened a savings account in order to save for that "rainy day" or emergency; I have totally changed my eating habits; I have become more physically active, and it's making me healthier in other ways - heart-wise, lungs; I am having more good days than bad; which is nice. So overall, 40 days into the new year, and things are going well.

Thanks to all of you who continue to visit and follow my journey.


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