Friday, February 19, 2010

goooooooood workout

Great cardio workout tonight. combination tae bo and the kicks/punches routine from p90. I also did a short strengthening routine, focusing on the biceps and deltoids. I mean, hey, while I'm losing weight and getting in shape, might as well make some good looking upper arms, right? Also added a new staple to the workout regimen from here on in: 50 pushups, 30 leg lifts and 25 situps each night in addition to whatever the normal night is. It's about time that I graduate to another level of workout. Not quite from say, beginner to expert, but somewhere in between beginner and intermediate. Time to see about stretching my wings, in a manner of speaking. By the way, we passed the halfway point, day 45 back on Monday.

I am not defined by my mental disorders.
I am not defined by my post-traumatic stress.
I am not defined by my anxiety.
I am not defined by my depression.
I am human.
I am strong-willed, confident, vibrant, flawed, worthy and unique.
I am an asset to my family.
I am a comfort to my friends in tragedy.
I have much left in me to show the world.

Well, time to get a shower and relax. Hope yall have a good night.


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