Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OK, well, mentally in a tough place. Demotivated, depressed, unhappy, can't quite see my way out yet. I'll get there, it just sucks right now. As for the weight gain, I'm unhappy about it, but I really can't be all that surprised or upset. I definitely overate all of last week, ate too close too bedtime, didn't exercise enough. Basically I reverted back to habits from ten weeks ago. So naturally, my body decided to revert back to that time as well. I haven't worked out yesterday nor yet today, so this week's not starting on a good note. However, ain't shit I can do about it, what's done is done. Anyway, have scouts tonight, and really don't want to go. But I will I guess. Really can't get much enthused for anything right now.

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