Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's forget this week ever happened, k?

Well, this week was not so good in the overall. Hell, it sucked in the workout part of the house, with only two days out of six I worked out. and At this moment, I'm gonna go over the points for today, which means that four out of the seven days this week I ate too much. So, all in all, this probably is the week where I really became complacent and slacked off big-time. After four weeks of good progress and decent work, week 5 became a shit sandwich. How bad was it? I guess we'll see the damage tomorrow morning at the weigh-in. However, I'm not too confident with it. I need to try and get some sleep tonight, and then tomorrow, do my thing at the VA, get weighed in, and then do this week's food shopping.
So, all in all, I'm quite ready to forget this week, and move on like it never even happened. Of course, remembering in the back of my mind that I cannot afford to have another week like this, and certainly not consecutively.
This is Fat Guy, signing off.

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