Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Productivity - it's the new thing

You may have heard something on the news - there's a good ol' snowstorm brewing outside right now. So I'm in the house, doing some more laundry, cleaning and organizing. I really feel better each time I do this. So today is a washout with the snow. I'm almost out of the pre-packaged meals, and I am way over the points budget for today already, so oh well. But the good thing is, I am following the plan and logging the food. So, for the cheap seats, let's run down yesterday's food log, and then we'll get into today's:

I had a Smart Ones Roasted Turkey Breast meal and two 100-calorie Thomas Bagels with a can of pepsi in the morning - total of 10.5 points. I had some macaroni and meat sauce and pepsi for lunch, for a rough total of 12.5 points. I had some more mac and beef, cheetos and chocolate milk (after my workout) in the evening, for 15 points. All in all, that was a good point day. Not necessarily a good food day, as in I should not be drinking pepsi (I have had a couple of cans the last few days after not drinking it for about 5 weeks) Also, not necessarily getting the food triangle complete, but it's still a work in progress.

Today, at roughly 345am, when I woke up (Yes, woke up, because I went to sleep around 1030pm, which was awesome) I had 4 of the 100-calorie bagels with fat-free american cheese. Plus two glasses of chocolate milk. Yeah, I guess the lack of eating before bed made me more hungry when I awoke. So there went 22 points. Later on, I had more mac and beef and sauce and milk, except we're out of 2% milk, so that's whole milk, which really upped the points total. that was another 21.5 points. Word for the day: AWESOME.

But I feel good, and am being productive, and am in a decent mood. So, all in all, things are good. Hope everyone who has a snow day today enjoys it.

Oh, and I exercised last night, not sure if I posted that. 


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