Monday, February 8, 2010

A Very Pleasant Surprise...

So, I was totally not expecting to lose two pounds this week, considering the lack of exercise and logging of or following the food plan. But I'll definitely take it. Very happy about that. I also had a good meeting at the VA, I'm all set up for a new program starting next week. Tomorrow, I have the dentist appointment. Anticipating quite a bit of pain. Oh well, can't change that. Once it's over, I'll be home recuperating for the week. Hope all is well out there.


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Colin said...

Good luck at the dentists, Super Dan. I haven't checked here in a while and am downright inspired by how open and honest and even funny - in a gallows humor kind of way, of course - you're able to be here.

I'm thinking it'd be great if all blogs could have this kind of focus and narrative.