Thursday, March 18, 2010

Certainly well rested.

Went to bed last night before 9pm. Woke up round 1230, back to sleep at 130 or so, woke up at 745, decided I really didn't have much to do that early, and went back to sleep till 1145. When I awoke well rested and in a good mood. AWESOME!

Then got a call regarding a job opening that I applied for tomorrow, during the call was told about a different job that may suit me better, so I applied to that one as well, but was told that if I don't get the second job, the initial job I called about was pretty much mine. It's not glamorous, but the initial salary is decent, and hell, it's only a temp job anyway before Israel, so not too much to really worry about.

After the job call, went running. Decided I'd try again. Not bad, definitely better this time than last, which I guess is the point. I won't be running long distances any time soon, nor in short times, but I will continue to run and improve. Step by step, right?

Now I'm eating a small breakfast then off to the VA. Gotta get some medications refilled. Then I guess I'll come back home and continue straightening up round here. Who knows? We shall see...


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