Monday, March 1, 2010

the end of week 9, the start of a new month

So, after a horrendous month of February in which I exercised very little, and definitely came off my game, today started March, and ended week 9. I walked for over an hour at the VA today, and got my heart rate to a good spot for that amount of time. I went there after I woke up, and I just ate dinner. So the only thing I ate today is dinner so far. I had a cup of fat free chocolate milk as recovery after the walking, and then had 2 cups of 2% milk, mashed potatoes and steak for dinner. I ate too much at the sitting, but the meal itself is ok for today. I feel good about today's progress, and am in a better mood, more confident heading into week 10. Actually I feel great, really feel like I accomplished something with that walking, at a good brisk pace, which was also nice. I'm looking forward to this week, to tomorrow's weigh-in, and also to making March a much much better month than February was. Also, tomorrow marks 60 days, and I will be taking a new picture. We'll see how it looks.
Hope yall are doing well out there.

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