Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Mumblings...

Well, we got Friday Five, why not bookend the week with Monday Mumblings? Here goes:

Got a job offer today, which is great, but am worried I will not get the job because of an incident on my DMV record. So here I am today worrying about it. Which is stupid, cause I can neither change the past nor predict the future, and it makes no sense to worry twice. So while I know this, I still am all screwy in my mind, which is preventing me from being excited about possibly having finally gotten a job. So here I sit, not happy, but worrying over something I have no control over. Boy does this suck.

On a food log note, Saturday night was the Installation Dinner for my Dad's Volunteer Ambulance Company. I ate all sorts of good stuff, but did not stuff myself. Sunday I ate some leftovers, and all, but did not log the food intake. Today I have had only a stuffed breakfast sandwich so far. I eat again in about an hour.

Hope everyone is doing well today. FGSO

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