Friday, March 19, 2010

up in the morning with the rising sun...

Well, not so much. The sun was already overhead by the time I awoke. It's a beautiful day out today. I went for my walk, another three miles at 15 minute pace, then a slow 15-minute cool-down. I actually got to that zen-type place where I was walking and it felt absolutely wonderful. I remember feeling that way running cross country in High School, and it only happened a few times, but was great when it did. It was like I was flying. My body was in the groove, not complaining about any movement, and I just felt the sun on my face, the breeze on my skin, it was a fantastic way to start today.

Food log for yesterday:
breakfast: Smart Ones stuffed breakfast sandwich with 2% chocolate milk.
lunch: same but without milk
dinner: sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and 2% milk.
snack: small piece of sirloin. 2 smart one brownies.

Food log for today:
breakfast: see above

both days pounding water all day, like I have been for ever! Hope everyone is enjoying there day..


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