Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 12.

Today begins week 12. I am surprised at my weigh-in. I lost three pounds last week. I'm thrilled with that, but, also kinda have no idea how. I did not exercise at all, did not log my food, ate food I shouldn't have, ate more than I should, ate before bed, etc. etc. and I lost three pounds. Bout damn time doing the wrong thing has a good effect! Anyway, as you can see to the left, I am down 23 pounds, and have 4 pounds to go for my next goal, being another 5% of body weight.

Last week I was pretty depressed, and could not/did not bother to follow the workout and diet plan. I'm still depressed right now, but I am kinda a little motivated. The way I see it, these three pounds lost are a freebie, and I may as well get back on the horse, and work the plan hard this week, so as to build on that fat loss. We'll see how it goes. Right now, I'm sorta in crisis mode, where it is take things one step at a time/ one meal at a time, etc.

I did go out today and buy running shoes. And I RAN TODAY. Not far mind you, and certainly not fast. In fact, it was a very sobering and humbling experience, but I got out there and ran. Now I have running shoes and workout clothes for the semi-warm weather that we have, and no excuse not to step up my outside workouts.

I really would like to feel good when I wake up. Not depressed. Also would love to not feel pressured to not be depressed around my house. I feel like I am letting my dad down when I am depressed, and would really like him to understand that I have no control over it. But it's difficult for me to enunciate these things when I am feeling shitty, and I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Anyway, time to eat something for dinner. FGSO

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