Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Allergies really suck!

So, today my body was messed up from a long weekend with little sleep, and still recovering from last week and yesterday's long day, so I felt like crap and didn't go to work. Instead I went to the VA to see about these allergies. And I got there after the allergist was gone, so I saw a regular ER doc who told me to take Benadryl. Awesome, thanks man.

I did get to weigh myself in for the week, and am thrilled with the results: I lost 4 pounds! It seems that even though I have not been exercising or eating healthy, my body is adjusting to the workout I get at work and using that to lose weight. Sweeeeeet. Very pleased about that.

Anyway, I am taking advantage of some free time around the house to clean the room. It needs it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

long weekend, long day

had a GREAT weekend at battleship cove in massachusets. came home on sunday and crashed, woke up today and worked 11 hours and now am gonna crash. hope yall had a great weekend too.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

long long day

Goooooooood evening folks. I had a very long day at work today, but am not that beat up. I felt better today then I did yesterday, and I guess that's the whole point of adapting and progressing. I have another long day scheduled for tomorrow, but am not too apprehensive about it. I know what has to be done, and just gotta go out and do it. Saturday I am going with Fred and my nephew Pacey to camp at Battleship Cove in MA. I'm looking forward to it.
Other than that, not much to report right now. I have some stuff to talk about, but right now it is sleepy time.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still adjusting to this work thing.

So, tomorrow will be two weeks that I have had this job. I am tired as hell and overall feel pretty shitty. However, I am quite pleased on two accounts: I am holding up well, as far as getting to work each day goes; and I am making some progress getting better. I haven't worked full time in over a year, and I haven't worked a manual labor job in a lot longer than that. I do feel myself having problems throughout the day with depression and energy, but so far have been able to get through it mostly unscathed. Anyway, I am hoping that it gets better as it goes, or else I don't see myself having this job much longer.

On the weight loss front, I haven't exercised since April 6th. That's over two weeks ago. That's not good. I haven't weighed in yet this week, because when I was at the VA yesterday, it was after hours and noone was there to let me into the room. So I really have no idea how the weight is holding up.

I brought my lunch to work with me on Monday and today. It was good, and cheap, and most important, healthy low-points. So as long as I continue to do that, and get back on the horse with proper food log, I should at the very least stay at the same weight. Here's to hoping that works.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good night yall

So I'm ready to call it a day - today was pretty good. Not overly productive, but not wasted either. I did go food shopping, and made a lunch for me to take with me to work tomorrow. Excited about that, knowing that I have good snacks and food to look forward to, and knowing that not only is it inexpensive, it's alot better for me than the crap I was eating last week. Small steps. As long as I'm moving forward, I'm happy.

Sleep well. FGSO.

I'm baaaack!

Whew. It's been a little rough here adjusting to working again. It's been difficult to get up early in the morning, and when I finally get home, I am tired and sore. So I simply stopped exercising this past week, in order to just make it through. That being said, I am going to attempt to adapt to my new schedule and fit in exercise where I can. On a separate note, I found out that I have severe sleep apnea, which is why I wake up from sleep and am still extremely tired. So, the VA is gonna set me up with a CPAP machine, which should work wonders for me.

So here we are more than halfway through April. Last week's weigh-in saw me gain a pound. Which wasn't half bad considering no exercise and three days of work. I have a feeling this week's is going to be similar or more gained. We shall see. I might have to adjust my weigh-in day. Not sure about that yet. Also haven't logged food for quite a while.

I would like to set up a meal plan each day, ie. making sandwiches and such at home and bringing them to work, rather than eating fast food all day which is what I have been doing. I think if I can do the "bring your food to work" thing, I will get back in charge of what I eat and when, and make sure it is healthy and helps me lose weight.  On that note, I have to go food shopping later today.

I'm thrilled that I have a job now, but I want to make sure that I don't just give up on the weight loss and exercise. It's going to be a juggling act and I am going to get it done.

Hope yall are good. FGSO

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I humbly apologize

Things have been in flux here with me now adjusting to working again. So I have not been posting regularly. I hope to post this weekend and update yall on the job situation and how the weight loss is going. For now, I am just trying to get through the week.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey there folks, long time no post

So, I have a job. Today was the first Monday I worked in over a year, so I was cranky. But hey, at some point, I should have some extra money, which is why we work, right? Anyway, I am still adjusting to being awake at a certain hour each day, and being productive and somewhat sociable for hours on end. Also, it's a little rough being on my feet all day. I definitely do not have proper footwear. But, these are small things to which I am adjusting. The important thing is: I HAVE A JOB and I'm doing rather well so far. Tomorrow we shall see the results of this terrible week of eating crap and not exercising.

Hope everyone is doing well. FGSO

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm a workin man.

So no exercise or logging of food since Wednesday. I am adjusting to waking up early and being on my feet all day working. After I adjust, I will adapt and wake up early enough to exercise and shower before work, which would make me happy. Plus I need to buy food to make lunches to bring to work. something small and easy, so I can eat every three hours, not once at 730am and then again at 130pm. That's 6, not 3. So, adjustments will be made. It's just a matter of how soon.

Everyone enjoy their weekend - Rangers play Philly at Philly tomorrow at 3pm for the right to play in the playoffs.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

24 hour recap

Well, I didn't exercise last night at all. And I had Nathan's for dinner. So boo on both counts. Unfortunately our cat died yesterday, so we had to take care of that. That wasn't so much fun.

Today, I rejoined the ranks of the working class! I am an assembler at Home Depot stores. I assemble grills and wheelbarrows and such. Definitely a good thing that I am employed. It had been quite a while.

So, I won't work out today, either. I worked from 11-630, and then we had dinner, and I am only now quieting down from my day. Gotta ease back into things.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thursday. FGSO

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tough to get going today

I was up later than usual last night, and have yet to really get myself going today. Plus, I didn't eat the healthiest meal for breakfast. So those two combined are making it really difficult to get myself going right now. I am contemplating not really working out today, and instead just using it as a learning experience as to why I need to be on a regular sleep schedule. I really wish I felt better and motivated today. Dammit.

Staying steady; Welcome to week 15

So, today's weigh in was null. No gain, no loss. Which is ok with me. Last week's loss was a little much, so this week staying the same means the body has adjusted and is good to go.

Went on a 5-mile walk today, worked out Back/Biceps, and ate like crap. But it was a good day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Honor and service, even in death.

I want to pass along the story of a fellow Marine, the late Lance Corporal Libardo Anthony Jimenez. I did not know this Marine. I saw his picture on the front cover of Newsday today. Lance Corporal Jimenez was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, having served with the 3rd Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment in Anbar province, Iraq, from August to October 2009. He was 21 years old when he passed away on March 23. He was an organ donor, and his donations saved the lives of five people. I find it incredibly amazing how he positively impacted his world in his life and his death. Anyone who puts on the uniform of this country to serve and deploys in support of our ongoing operations is a hero. He was heroic after his last moments by donating his organs to people in need. Organ donation is a serious choice, one I don't know I have the courage to; but Lance Corporal Jimenez chose to, and in his last act in his life, he saved the lives of five others.

Semper Fidelis, Lance Corporal Libardo Anthony Jimenez.

I love the weather

So, I have procrastinated most of the day, not getting much done. But I did take advantage of the good weather to clean out my car, throw some trash away and clean the interior a little bit. It's not done, and it certainly isn't as clean as I'd like it, but I feel much better about it. And my passenger side windshield is clean. Which was an issue apparently. Other than that, relaxing the day away, as it is my "off" day.

Monday Mumblings - April 5

I'm sleeping better lately, which is certainly a nice thing. I find myself today with quite a backlog of semi-important stuff to get done, but with absolutely no motivation or desire to do it. I have:

Taxes to file; a passport renewal to send in, forms for my GI Bill to send in, gotta visit the bank and fight over errors in my statement, and should contact Council regarding a document I need.

Really don't want to do any of that anytime soon. So, I think I'm gonna just relax. None of it is dire emergency type stuff. And all of it can get done tomorrow. That's my logic today.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday. FGSO

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Food Log - April 3 and 4

Smart Ones stuffed breakfast sandwich
Milk, 2%
Laughing Cow Garlic/Herb Wedge
Thomas' 100 calorie mini bagel

Milk, 2%
Macaroni and meat sauce

Baked potato
I Can't believe it ain't butter
hidden valley ranch dressing
green giant broccoli and cheese
8 oz Pepsi

2% chocolate milk


April 4

2 Thomas 100-cal bagels
2 laughing cow wedges
Smart Ones stuffed turkey breast
lean cuisine 4 cheese pizza
lean cuisine margherita pizza
smart ones pepperoni pizza
4c Totally light Red Peach tea w/ antioxidants

Easter Sunday

which holds no religious meaning for me, being that I am Jewish. But today is Easter, and what a beautiful day it is here. 75 degrees, nice breeze out. Great weather to walk in. T-shirt and shorts, not chilly, not too hot. Fan-freaking-tastic! So today did another 6.75 mi walk. I feel great. Gonna take a shower in a bit, cause man am I sweaty.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying their Sunday.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Weight workout

Haven't done a strength workout in a couple of days (maybe more than a week) and tonight, it certainly got me sweating and huffing. But I did it, and I feel great. Gotta love it.


So, one of the things I have learned from getting treatment for my PTSD and depression, is to notice and define actions of others, as they are sometimes mirror-images of my own actions. I realize that my actions, either overt or simply under the surface, influence everyone around me. My mood and emotions cut everyone down, whether that is my intention or not. I saw that recently, and it reinforces the need for me to be in more control of my actions -- I cannot fully control my emotions or mood, but I can control how I act around others when I am in a bad mood, and keep the bad mood to myself.
Anyway, had a nice meal with the family. Steak and bake potatoes and broccoli and cheese sauce. Mmmm.

Food Log - April 2 - final

Smart Ones stuffed breakfast sandwich
4c Totally light red tea w/ antioxidants
Smart Ones beef pot roast
1.5 cups 2% chocolate milk
2 slices pizza
2 garlic knots
2 smart ones chocolate chip cookie dough sundae

...so yeah, I am coming to the realization that while I am following the plan as far as daily points totals, and portion sizes, I am missing an important idea: eating meals that give me an all around nutritious diet. I think it is time to start doing something different. Details later.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Five - April 2

So, let's get down to this five thing. 

1. I'm going to Israel in October. Super excited about that.
2. Continued weight loss helps with the motivation for each day. Looking forward to losing more.
3. Walked 8 miles today, making it over 21 miles for the week starting with Tuesday. Feeling good.
4. Physically feeling very good, which is great.
5. My dad walked a half mile with me today, which is AWESOME. Hopefully we'll make it a habit.

Have a good Good Friday. FGSO

Food Log - April 1 - addendum

Had two smart ones desserts - brownie ala mode.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Food Log - April 1

Let's see if I can make this a habit again.

Food log so far today (947pm)

1 Thomas' mini 100-calorie bagel, with Laughing Cow cheese.
3 pouches Entenmann's Little Bites Chocolate chip muffin
2 glasses of 4C Totally Light Red Tea
Lean Cuisine Deep dish 4 meat pizza
Smart Ones stuffed turkey breast.
1 cup of 2% Milk.

Not half bad.

Time to recap the first 90 Days of this process...

OK, We're now on Day 91 of 2010, meaning my first 90 days of following the exercise plan and meal plan are over. For those just joining us, I have been following the Weight Watchers Momentum plan. (No, they're not paying me to advertise, but it'd be nice) The exercise plan had elements of Tony Horton's Power 90, Billy Blank's Tae Bo, and some other stuff. This is gonna be pretty much a numbers post, so get ready:

Pounds lost: 25
Inches lost off waist: 3.5
Inches off stomach: 3.5
Inches off calf: .5
Inches off neck: 1
Inches off thighs: 3

Of the 90 days, I exercised 45 days. That was 19 in January, 9 in February and 17 in March.
Of the 90 days, I ate "correctly" on 31 days. This means I ate more than the points total on the other days, or I didn't log the food. Obviously, I have changed my eating habits, even when I exceed the points total per day.

I have pictures from Days 1, 30, 60 and 90. I may post them. Not sure yet.

My first goal was 5% of my body weight, which equaled 14 pounds. My second goal was the same, this equaled 13 pounds. I have two pounds to go for that goal.

I've learned quite a bit about myself these past 90 days, as well. First, was a reaffirmation of the fact that I can do anything, once I put my energies behind it. I also learned exactly what I was eating on a day-to-day basis. Those first few days and weeks were tough. I was hungry and cranky. My body had to get used to eating normal amounts of food, rather than stuffing my face like I had been doing for a long time. I also learned that I eat when I am stressed, which only compounds the problems. I ate whenever I wanted to, without listening to the body, and waiting for my body to say "hey! I'm hungry, let's eat!" Nor did I listen when the body said "hey! that's enough! no more food!" Now I listen more. I'd like to say I am perfect, but we both know that isn't even close to the truth. But occasionally, I pay attention to my body's hunger signals, and make better food choices. I have stopped drinking soda. It's just not something I want all the time anymore. Granted, every now and then I will have some with a meal out, but I used to drink soda every day. Not anymore. I drink water, I drink milk, 2%, and I make iced tea, or lemonade, or some other drink mix, so the water has some flavor.
One of the major things I have learned is that exercising regularly helps to lessen my depression. It doesn't make it go away, but it does make it much much less of an issue each day. However, if I stop exercising for two days or more, I have become really depressed really quickly. The return of the depression is surprisingly harsh. So my tactic is to make sure that I exercise as often as is possible. Which in effect is doubly efficient - the depression is easier to live with, and I continue to get in shape. Nice.

Anyway, that's the recap from today. Hope you all are enjoying yourselves out there.