Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in need of a reboot it seems.

So, it's the second week of May, and my program and progress has gotten all shot to shit. I have blamed it on work, and to an extent that is a reasonable excuse, but I'm no longer happy with that. At the start of this expedition, way back in January, I made it a point to, if nothing else, at least log my food. I'm not even doing that anymore. This shit has got to stop. I work, yes, but that isn't my life, and isn't a good reason to stop doing something that is healthy and necessary for me. So, I've decided. Saturday is May 15th, and I'm getting back on the horse. I have access to both a fridge and a microwave at work, and will start packing my lunches and eating on a schedule, like before. I am also going to make a point to, if nothing else, exercise each day. At no point in the last 6 weeks did working outweigh health, so there's no reason that I should have let it take over my day-to-day things. I've had enough, and it's time to redouble my efforts, and begin with renewed energy and determination.


Liz said...

Can you add a "like" button?

"Tommy BBQ" Kline said...

Do redouble efforts. You'll be glad you did.