Friday, May 21, 2010

Lookee lookee, it's the Friday Five - 5/21/10

So, the Friday Five. I have no topic or category, so we're just gonna fake it tonight, and hope that by next week, I'll have some sort of idea what to do here.

So, number 5:
     I went walking today for the first time in six weeks or so. Very pleased about that.
Number 4:
     I returned to work today after being out since last Friday after I injured my back. So far no back problems, and that's great.
Number 3:
    I have logged my food today, getting back in the swing of things. That's definitely awesome.
Number 2:
    I was able to cross off a few of my items on my "to do list" this week, and that's always satisfying.
Aaaand number 1:
    I'm blessed and highly favored.

Have a great weekend folks. FGSO

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