Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nightly musings, 5/20

I have to work at Bellport tomorrow. Which is nice, because it is close and that means not oo much traffic. However, I realized tonight that I left my battery and charger out at Bay Shore last Friday after I injured my back. So I have to travel out there first, and pick it up (hopefully it's there) and then turn around and come back to begin the day in Bellport.

My Dad turned 61 yesterday, and we celebrated with him by going to Mohegan Sun. It was a nice trip, we met my Uncle for dinner along the way, and then spent a while gambling. We had fun and I'm glad my Dad enjoyed it.

I'm still working on migrating all my stuff over to the MacBook Pro. Tonight I finally set up the stuff so I can pay my bills, because they'll all be do this coming week or so. Spent some time cleaning the room up, because it certainly needed it.

The goals for tomorrow:
    Wake up at a decent time, early enough so that I can eat breakfast and leave the house between 7am and 730.
    Stay on track with the 3-hour schedule for meals. On track right now means within an hour each way.
    Log everything I eat. Even if it's not something in the plan.
    Try to have a positive attitude. Not saying it'll happen, but the goal is to try.
    Work hard and be proud of the day's accomplishments.

I hope everyone out there (who still visit, after seeing that this site spent quite a while without an update) is well, and has enjoyed their week so far.

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