Friday, May 21, 2010

Short work day...

First a recap of the goals I set last night, for today: I woke up at a decent hour and ate breakfast. I was on the road at 830. A little later than I wanted, but not late enough to bother me. I have been eating every 3 hours and my next meal is at 5pm. I have logged my food intake, which I'll get to below. I started out the day with a positive attitude, and lo and behold it was a positive day! So, all in all, today is going well so far.

For breakfast, I had a stuffed breakfast sandwich, a bagel with laughing cow garlic herb cheese, 2% milk, and orange juice. I had a jello sugar-free pudding for a morning snack. For lunch, I had a roast beef sandwich. Not too bad, been drinking water, but not enough, so that's where I'm headed.

Hope all of you are enjoying your Friday!

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