Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Lot of Things Different, part 2

I have a picture of me, on the phone. I'm at the airport, about to get on a plane which would take me away from New York, and bring me to New Orleans for the first time. I'm 18 years old, and am excited, because that plane trip is basically the "beginning" of a whole new life for me. I would get on that plane, and start my college career.

I graduated High School in June of 1999. I left for NROTC Orientation at Tulane in August 1999. I was really "busy." I put busy in quotes because, looking back on it now, I see I was simply self-involved. But, as an 18 year old kid, I was doing important things, and some things that I didn't deem as important, well, they didn't get done.

The reason this picture is notable, is because it's the last time that I spoke to my Nana before she died. See, I was "too busy", and it "wasn't that important" for me to make time to go and see Nana and Pop before I left for college. Nana had fallen and broken her hip a few days before I was to leave for school. I hadn't finished packing and I wasn't concerned that a broken hip would be life-threatening, so I didn't go see her, even then. At the airport, I spoke to her on the phone, saying so log, and hoping that she felt better soon. My dad snapped the picture, which still bothers me today, 11 years later.

So, I get to Tulane, and I get started with ROTC Orientation, which was great. I felt like I had finally gotten somewhere where I belonged, and where I was good at something again. On the last day of orientation, my Dad called to tell me that Nana had passed away.

The moral of this story: Make time for the people who love you. Let them know how much you love them. Don't ever put this off till tomorrow.

There are many people in my life without whom I would not be here. To list them all would be difficult, and to list some of them may snub others. But I appreciate them all, and thank God every night for their help.

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