Sunday, July 18, 2010


dammit. i'm really not all that thrilled with myself right now. part of me is saying, it's not so bad. you've done really well, and to focus on what i have done right this week. which, is four days of following the plan, and today was fine until i ate just now. so, i have work to do, mentally. same as always. the thing is, that same part of me that says, ok, well you still did all right so far this week, that part, has a point. because, even though i just filled my face and screwed my week up, i was still honest enough to log the points accurately, and i still plan on logging the points tomorrow and monday. i'm upset with myself, but also, i've got an opportunity to fix it before the week is over.

oh well. just gonna learn from this mistake, and get back to basics tomorrow.

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