Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to July.

I did five miles today! Roughly 2 miles ran, 3 walked. I am really pleased with how I fared. I'm getting used to the physical exertion, and the lungs are keeping up now as well. However, toward the end I really felt like I was landing too hard on my heels. Something is not right with my form, which isn't surprising. So I am gonna research it, and try some different things, and see how I can improve it. I'm making sure to stretch realllllly well before and after, to make sure I minimize the chance of injury.

Anyway, time for some food and water and a good shower.

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April said...

Dan, what shoes are you wearing and how old are they? Go to a running store and have them watch your gait to determine what level of support and cushion you need. It's amazing what a difference shoes make! They're expensive, but your knees (and ankles and shins) are worth it! Since you're becoming a runner, check out It's good for logging training, tracking miles on your shoes (b/c you should change every 300-500 miles) and mapping routes so you know how far you're running/walking. You can log a lot of details about your training experience, and maybe even link it to this site—or definitely to FB.