Monday, July 19, 2010

work work work

So, let's recap today's events, shall we?

Got woken up by the dog around 430 this morning and got back in bed for on and off sleep until my alarm went off around 545. Got up, packed the cooler, said goodbye to Dad, and went off to work my new job. Well, I work outside doing landscaping and maintenance, so I am at the mercy of the weather. Apparently I've forgotten all I ever knew about being prepared for the weather. Because, I went to work with only a t-shirt on, and it started pouring. Then, it cleared up and the sun came out for a 90-degree afternoon. And me with no sunscreen, cause like i said, I'm pretty stupid. So, I get some burn, I drink a LOT of water but am still dehydrated, and realize my body really doesn't like manual labor. But, I got through the day, and have been hydrating ever since. Plus I put aloe on the burns and have bought some sunscreen for tomorrow. Also got my boonie hat ready for tomorrow to protect the face and ears.

So here's to hoping that I'll wake up hydrated and ready to work, and that I use some of my knowledge and not act like an idiot who was delirious with sun today. Also, here's to hoping that it's a little cooler tomorrow. But, if not, I'll deal with it.

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