Thursday, August 12, 2010


so, i was at the va this morning, and talking about how well i'm doing and my job is going, and how it's great to be working and being dependable again. so then i go to my job, only to get sent home early and told not to come in until monday, because my dumb ass wasn't working and was being lazy.

previously i believed that these things happened because i was too "happy" and the world used that opportune time to kick me in the teeth back into reality. i no longer believe this. i believe that after talking to people lately about how well i am doing, i may have gotten a little complacent today, and in so doing, screwed myself. i have noone but me to blame. so now it's a matter of taking the weekend to get my head back in the game, and coming in monday morning and proving myself all over again.

things could be worse. i could have been fired on the spot. but instead, i was sent home and given a 3-day weekend. i don't say this glibly, as to make fun of it implying that i was rewarded with a long weekend for not working. the simple equation is i lose out on working a day, so next week's paycheck will be a little lighter, and hopefully i learn (again) to not get too comfortable, because, as has happened often enough, no matter how good things are, something can always happen to screw it up.


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