Tuesday, August 10, 2010

long five days

welcome to a new week. sorry it was so long since my last post. the weekend was a rollercoaster, including a trip to connecticut to sit shiva for my aunt's mom on sunday. half day at work monday to rest, and today was great. went on a cruise around manhattan saturday night with my dad and his fire department. it was fantastic, a great way to spend time with him.

thursday i get my cpap machine, and am looking forward to seeing how much my sleep improves. i weighed in today, with no change, so basically, i am at a plateau. which means that i have to change my rhythm - so i exercised tonight, and plan on exercising tomorrow. just tomorrow - no pressure to say "for the rest of the week" tomorrow i will exercise, so that's the only thing. the rest of the days can go away.

i haven't purchased my israel ticket yet, so i may do that tonight. i was waiting for an email from a travel agent, but have yet to get it. so i may just jump on board and get this done.

today i was productive and cleaned my room, bought a new pair of work pants, and was basically an all-around functioning human. which is a win in my book.

hope yall are enjoying the beautiful (hot, humid) weather we're having!

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