Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting better...

I woke up yesterday and cleaned the apartment. Cleaning for me is both physical - in that my surroundings are cleaner and more organized - and mental in that it allows mind to shuffle things around and get organized as well. I worked up a good sweat and the endorphins certainly helped out as well.

Today I went running and did some interval training and also tried out some of the bodyweight machines that are along the beach road. I certainly worked hard and anticipate a soreness in the morning.

I begin my volunteering in the school tomorrow. I will be teaching English in Ofek elementary school in the Tet-Vav area of Ashdod. I am looking forward to it but also right now more apathetic about it, which I find rather curious. I'm going to bed early which should make it easier to have a good morning tomorrow.

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