Saturday, October 30, 2010

host family

I have a host family that I see each weekend for Shabbat. It's nice because I get a home cooked meal and good conversation from real Israelis. I enjoy going there, and today was no exception. I got to meet more of the family. There are three children, two of whom I met tonight. I had a good conversation with Shira, the youngest daughter, who is my age. I have a trip for Oranim to Tel Aviv on Monday, and Shira and I may get together after the trip, as she lives in Tel Aviv. It was a nice relaxing afternoon, filled with good food and good conversation.

In Fat Guy News, tomorrow is the last day of October, and so far I have run five days. If I run tomorrow, that will be 6 days out of 31. Not a good ratio, but it's a starting point. So the goal will be 9 days in November. That's also not a lot, but it's much easier to set an achievable goal and surpass it than set a huge goal and not achieve it. So the idea is run tomorrow and then 9 days out of 30 in November.

That's about it for me, I'm gonna watch some TV and then sleep, as tomorrow starts week 2 of teaching...

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