Saturday, October 9, 2010

Swimming in October? Yes, Please.

So, I spent today along the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. The water was absolutely fantastic and it was beautiful weather! Swimming in October is not something normally done in New York, and it was great. I spent some time walking along the beach, and then I went with some of the people from our trip to a Cafe/Bar type place and had some awesome food and good conversation. Definitely one of the most chill/awesome days I have enjoyed in quite a long time.

I haven't taken enough pictures yet. I plan on getting some tomorrow, I didn't bring the camera to the beach for obvious reasons, but will definitely have some beach photos to upload soon.

Tomorrow we begin our ulpan, which is an intensive hebrew language course. I hope I am placed in the advanced course, because I am really enjoying how much hebrew I remember and am able to communicate enough to get by so far, and would love to learn as much as i can.

IN FAT GUY RELATED NEWS: I went running today! Yep, I got my fat ass out there and ran a mile and change. I didn't run fast, mind you, but I did run. I also did some situps and pushups. So that's exciting.

OK, well time to get changed, and then do some food shopping. Hope everyone on the other side of the world is doing great!

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