Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today was the 235th birthday of the finest fighting force on the planet. On November 10th 1775, in Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the United States Marine Corps was born.

I celebrated here in Israel and it was fantastic. My friends set up the barbecue on the balcony and even got me a cake. It was fantastic! I am really touched by the effort they went through. I am friends with really good people and that's just an awesome feeling.

Last night we went out to Pigal, a bar here in Ashdod, and I had a great time. I met some friends there that I hadn't seen in a while. We drank and told stories and it was great. And in out-of-this-world news, I TALKED TO TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. I was social and comfortable and it was really really cool that I was able to do that after not doing that for so long. (if you're unaware, go back to March and look for a post titled "social").

Also, the girl I hung out with in Tel Aviv called me tonight and wished me a happy birthday. I'm headed to Tel Aviv tomorrow night and we will probably hang out. Definitely looking forward to it.

On the teaching front, we finally have hammered out a schedule for each day and decided how the school wants to employ us so that we are now set up with small groups each period that we will continue with for a month. That way we can chart their progress and give intensive individual help. I am excited about it more now that we have a defined role and expectations for us to fulfill.

So basically things here are going fantastic! I went running on Tuesday as well as Saturday and Sunday so I'm getting into a fairly regular routine.

Hope everyone out there is doing great! Quick congratulations to my my cousin Matt and His wife Rebecca for running in the NYC marathon!

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