Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Therapy continued

I didn't really delve into any issues in my last post. One of the things I am constantly learning is interpersonal interactions and relationships.

Five years worth of therapy have made me extremely self-aware, but didn't really give me practical tools for interacting with others on a daily basis. While I am able to be open and honest easier than ever, this skill doesn't help make new friends really.

But despite this I am making new friends. The issue is keeping them and strengthening existing friendships.

I am friends with an IDF veteran who was in Gaza and Lebanon. We were talking about social interaction and we both agreed that at times, certain social situations are scarier than combat was. The thing is, we were trained for combat. It is a simple situation. The enemy has this objective and I have mine. There are certain tactics and actions that are taken to advance that objective. In social situations, things are messy. I have no idea of what people want from me, what is happening. I received no training for this, and constantly feel out of my depth when interacting with my peers.

This is uncomfortable to me, however I am beginning to tolerate this feeling and go out and talk to people and actively participate in my social surroundings, whereas previously I would avoid the whole thing. So I guess that's progress.

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