Sunday, January 30, 2011


i've found that certain days i am just not fully here enough to be social. actually, it may be more accurate that i don't want to put what seems like an enormous effort in.

today is one of those days and i know why. well, maybe not exactly why, but i can absolutely pinpoint certain contributing factors:

i have not been getting enough sleep lately. the new people are here, and i have been drinking quite a few nights with them, and not going to bed until late. i didn't get but 4 hours last night and so i came home after school and napped. i woke up tired and that made me worse.

there's also a lot of sociality issues that i have been experiencing lately. so, i have no idea how to interact with girls anymore. i'm seriously stupid.

and i know that what i just said is untrue, because i've been doing alright. it's just that today, i'm pretty depressed and dejected, so my thought process is quite murky and delusional.

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Max Mosley said...

Dude, you're doing a great job so far and you need to give more credit where credit is due. You can't be super social every night and it is important to know your limits and know when you need to take a night off without feeling guilty about it. You're very well liked within the program, and that is something to be proud of!