Sunday, January 23, 2011

day 2, good deal with the plan so far

Yesterday was great. Did well with the plan and today followed it up with good food choices and a real good workout. A sampling of today's food - not much different than yesterday.

scrambled eggs and rye bread for breakfast. apple juice to drink.
shnitzel and pita for lunch, israeli salad and apple juice for lunch
tuna and oranges and chocolate milk after the workout for dinner.
half a shnitzel and half a pita with hummus for a snack.

i've started following the weight watchers thing again, and their new plan is all about fruits and vegetables as "free" foods - ie. eat all you want, so I bought a big bag of oranges and am peeling them three or four at a time, and eating that as snacks. Also, the israeli salad is a good free snack.

My two new male roommates moved in today, and will be settling in this week, and the four new female roommates get here tomorrow. I'm interested in meeting everyone new, and seeing how the dynamic is here for the remained of my time here.

Debating the merits of sleep right now, or staying up to watch the Jets game, which is on right now. It's 7pm EST, but that translates into 2am here in Ashdod.

I'm also not feeling that great, so I might end up going to the clinic tomorrow instead of school. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Grapefruit is also a good citrus fruit to eat, as an alternative to oranges