Thursday, January 27, 2011

there but for the grace of God go I

I came upon a blog, Living with PTSD and TBI and was forced to take a moment to reflect on my own recovery. I am reminded of how bad some of the bad times were, and it makes me realize how good the good times are. I am reminded that I have come a long way with my recovery, and the things I experience and do on a daily basis were nigh impossible for me in the previous years since my return from Iraq. I am thankful for my family and my friends who have helped me along the way.

The blog talks about some of the darkest aspects of PTSD. On here, I have written about my mind and the dark places it goes. But on here are my thoughts from the last year, which is four years removed from combat, and four years into treatment and recovery. While current popular opinion and desire is to help veterans, noone really gets into the bad shit that accompanies PTSD. I think it is necessary to speak about it. And necessary for everyone to read about it. I make no excuses for any behavior I have done, and I am terribly sorry for the things I inflicted on my family. And, like I said, without them I would not be here. But  there needs to be a larger societal awareness of PTSD and all its blackest days. Only then can we get more understanding and work harder and more effectively as a society to help our returning veterans through the hell that is PTSD.

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