Friday, January 21, 2011


i sit in my kitchen writing this just minutes after my family departed to the airport. i am tired, and emotionally drained and won't relax until they are home. it has been a great week. there were trying times to be sure, but there always is with family. the difference is deep down we love and care for each other. we went to masada, ein gedi, tel aviv, jerusalem, yad vashem, the knesset, the old city and more. i got them to all the places they wanted to see. i am really glad that my family came to see me in israel while i am here, so that they could experience a little bit of what makes this country special. but now that it's over, i am so drained, that i just want to sleep. but i am going to clean up a little around the house.

i found out that i will have another roommate who i was originally told will not be living with me, so the warm fuzzy feeling i had about my new roommate situation is tarnished. but i'll live with it. i've just got to nut up and be mature about it. i know this program doesn't exist and the city coordinators don't get paid to provide for my every comfort and want. so i just need to accept the situation and go from there. i think i'm just a little more apprehensive about it now. plus, i need to adjust to everyone new again, and that is never a fun thing.

in any event, there's a lot more to talk about, but i will pause for the moment and come back later.
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