Sunday, February 27, 2011


while we're here in eilat, i won't be able to post these on my blog. so they'll all get posted at once, with timestamps, which gives an idea about how long my thought process trends. 

in any event, i feel better about tonight after writing the previous post. the fact of the matter comes down to this: i am lonely, and have been for quite some time. i am not your average guy in the fact that i will not pursue something physical with a girl unless i am interested in her - ie. no drunken hookups. i mean, i have, but really, in the long run, it wasn't worth anything to me. 

i really have no idea what i was planning on saying in this post, but whatever it was, hopefully i got my point across. i don't think i did, but then again, i don't care if i did or not. you're a visitor with insight into how my mind works, i don't cater to anyone but me. 

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