Monday, February 14, 2011

disappointed? i don't know yet.

so i talked to this girl tonight and she told me that she thinks that i have been sending signals that i like her and she wanted to make sure i knew that she likes what we have now, which is a good budding friendship, with the ability to talk about almost everything and be there for each other, and doesn't want that to change. i told her that i don't know if i like her, and also like what we have. i said i wasn't in it for more than that, and i didn't know what i wanted. but now, after hearing that, i think i wasn't honest with myself, and i actually do like her. i'm kinda disappointed with it right now, and that sucks. but i do need to sleep on this and let my mind work itself out.

originally written 0100 8 Feb 2011

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