Monday, February 14, 2011

ein gedi race!

link here:

my first race since high school. i say race, but i'm basically racing myself. i'm excited about it. it should be a stepping stone to more weight loss and achievement.

in other news, we're under three weeks away from me returning to the states. i am not so thrilled the program is over, but i will definitely welcome the simple conveniences of home:

* being knowledgeable enough of the area to find anything i want easily.
* having a car.
* not having to try and speak a language when i am in a hurry
* not carrying around insane amounts of change in my pocket as currency
* name brands that i am aware of
* certain foods that are not readily available here
* not seriously marked-up american brands
* wally world!
* electronics at decent prices
* smart phones
* some other shit that drunk me doesn't understand

אני שתוי

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