Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ein Gedi: Results! A-MAZING

So, we're back from the race in Ein Gedi. It was a fantastic experience overall. Down at the Dead Sea, it was quite warm. It was around 80 degrees this morning. I've been running at night here in Ashdod, somewhere around 60-65 degrees. So the change in temperature was a factor. It was also the first time that I have ever run with so many people, so that was a new experience. Overall, I am thrilled that I did it.

My time was nothing to write home about, but I did it. I remember back to my first exercise night when I started this blog, here. As I read that now, and think of where I am, the fact that I even ran is A-mazing! I'm also pretty sure that this won't be the last race I run. I really enjoyed training with a goal in sight, and it's amazing being on the other end of achieving that goal.

There's more to write about, but now I have a skype date with my dad, so I'll talk to y'all later.

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Andreas said...

Congratulations, Daniel. I can assure you, it almost always is fun to run such a race. I was there too, having run the 10k thrice in the 1990ies, this time it was HM for me. Keep on training and keep on running - it's worth it.