Saturday, February 19, 2011

End of Shabbat thoughts

This weekend was definitely one of the best I have had since being here in Israel. It was spent with good people, and I really enjoyed it. Some random thoughts, in no particular order:

Encouraged overall about my race. I definitely have much to improve mentally, but I'm pleased with my abilities so far.

My twenty-ninth year comes to a close on Monday, and I turn thirty. I'm excited for it, and I have an optimistic, less cynical and dark outlook on life these days.

My time here in Israel is just about over. In two weeks, I will be home. There's much to do, much to decide.

I am applying for colleges still, and not necessarily limiting myself to Long Island. We'll see what goes on, and how it works.

I'm learning new things everyday, and adjusting to new situations and environs. I am not always good at it, nor graceful or tactful, but I am adjusting.

I am a strong individual. My mom and dad instilled this quality in me when I was young, and my dad has supported me in later years, so I could re-learn this fact. Without my family, I am nothing.

I am blessed and truly favored.

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