Tuesday, February 15, 2011

of hallmark holidays, disappointment and the day after.

i feel fantastic this morning. when i get drunk, the next morning i wake up early and refreshed. it's kinda the exact opposite of what should happen. but anyway...

i've already relayed my disappointment and it's coincidence with this years most worthless hallmark holiday. it is now time to move on. in that area, tonight is another Bad Decision Tuesday™- only three more left! so tonight there is a necessity to make all the things happen that should before i am no longer here in israel.

i'm still of two minds about returning home. i miss home and being around my family. but i really like it here and it's still pretty amazing. it's kinda sad to see it end. but when it ends, it ends with a check in the "successfully completed" box. which is awesome.

i have to continue the application process for college. i am applying to Adelphi and SUNY Stony Brook. I'm also going to look at other SUNY schools and other NY schools as well. Might as well look to branch out a bit.

anyway, i have to make some progress on looking productive.

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